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An Phat Holdings affirmed its role and contribution at the Forum organized by ESCAP United Nations

On February 29, in Bangkok, Thailand, An Phat Holdings Group attended the Regional Forum on Policies to Promote the Private Sector Engagement in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) organized by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific (ESCAP) under the United Nations organized as speakers, affirming the leading role of businesses and contributing ideas in reducing plastic waste.

Representing Vietnam in the session “STI Partnership for Sustainable Development” within the framework of the Forum, Mr. Le Anh Minh –  R&D Director of An Phat Holdings presented solutions to apply science and technology in the production of green and environmentally friendly products.

Mr. Le Anh Minh – R&D Director of An Phat Holdings presented at the Forum

According to Mr. Minh, An Phat Holdings, with its green production orientation, towards sustainable development, has researched and self-developed many technologies to modernize production such as digital transformation for each stage, continuously improving product formulas to help reduce production waste to almost zero, or installing solar power to help reduce the load on the power grid and effectively cool the factory. Those are some of the solutions on the path to help An Phat Holdings move towards carbon balance, closer to sustainable production and development.

Mr. Minh said that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has recently revised the standards for eco-labels to include specific guidelines for biodegradable and recyclable products. This update has made these products more competitive in the market and has created favorable conditions for businesses to develop environmentally friendly products like those produced by An Phat Holdings.

Introducing at the Forum, the representative of An Phat Holdings said that after 2 years of being listed on the Amazon e-commerce platform, the Group’s AnEco brand of completely compostable biological products has increased revenue and profit by 3,183% from 2021 – 2022, receiving very good feedback and becoming the top best-selling compostable bag brands on Amazon in the US by the end of 2023. This shows that green, environmentally friendly products are increasingly accepted and will continue to develop in the future.

“We are honored to be a business that can contribute opinions on STI in sustainable development at the ESCAP Regional Forum and An Phat Holdings will continue its research, development and improvement activities for products and production processes, contributing to maintaining its position as a leading high-tech and environmentally friendly plastic manufacturer in Southeast Asia to continue contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in the region as a whole. particular and the world in general”, Mr. Le Anh Minh shared.

Regional Forum on Policies to Promote Private Sector Engagement in Science, Technology and Innovation took place on February 29, 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand

The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is the most inclusive intergovernmental platform in the Asia-Pacific region. The Commission promotes cooperation among its 53 member States and 9 associate members in pursuit of solutions to sustainable development challenges. ESCAP is one of the five regional commissions of the United Nations.

In alignment with the South-South and Triangular Collaboration Programme on Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) among Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Viet Nam (CLTV), the United Nations ESCAP is organizing a Regional Forum on Policies to Promote Private Sector Engagement in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). This forum is the culmination of ESCAP’s advisory support on policies to promote private sector engagement in STI, and it builds upon two years of collective efforts under the Collaboration Programme. The event is designed to serve as a dynamic platform for the introduction of the Workbook on Policies to Promote Private Sector Engagement in STI developed to provide policymakers and STI practitioners with practical guidance on private sector engagement in STI. This forum aspires to be a cornerstone event, catalyzing dialogue and action towards a more integrated and innovative regional STI ecosystem. It invites policymakers, STI practitioners, and private sector stakeholders from the CLTV region to contribute to a future where science, technology, and innovation are pivotal to sustainable development and economic resilience.

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